Family Violence Indicator: APS Substantiated Reports of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation of Elders and Incapacitated Adults

This indicator reflects the number of APS substantiated reports in which abuse, neglect, or exploitation, including self-neglect, of adults age 60+ and incapacitated adults age 18+ were confirmed.

Note: This indicator counts substantiated reports, not persons abused. Individuals may be counted more than once if they experience more than one type or instance of abuse/neglect. Because estimates of the number of incapacitated adults are not available, this indicator was calculated as a rate within the general adult population. Therefore, this indicator underestimates abuse/neglect among elders and incapacitated adults.

Source: ASAPS, PeerPlace


The Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services moved from ASAPS to PeerPlace in 2019 therefore data from that year in unavailable.

Upon receiving a report of adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation, a local department of social services determines whether the report is valid. Valid APS reports are investigated and at the end of the investigation the case worker makes a disposition of “needs protective services and accepts,” “needs protective services and refuses,” “need for protective services no longer exists,” “unfounded,” or “invalid.” A substantiated report is defined as a completed investigation with a disposition that the adult needs protective services. Forms of abuse include self-neglect, neglect, financial exploitation, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and other exploitation. This indicator reflects the number of cases of any type of elder or incapacitated adult abuse or neglect, not the number of individuals experiencing abuse or neglect; individuals may be counted more than once if they experience more than one type of abuse or neglect. In SFY 2013, self-neglect constituted 55 percent of all APS substantiated cases, and maltreatment directly at the hands of others constituted 45 percent of all APS substantiated cases.

Bedford City was reincorporated into Bedford County in 2013. Bedford City will show as NA or blank from 2014 on and that data will now be captured under Bedford County.

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Data Last Updated: June 1, 2022