Emergency Funds Project

The Covid-19 public health crisis highlighted health and economic disparities throughout Virginia and beyond. We know that even before the pandemic and large increase in inflation, one unexpected expense could cause a critical crisis for vulnerable families. This is particularly true for those who have experienced trauma caused by family violence.

The FACT Board of Trustees understands the interconnection of poverty and trauma and how it is more important than ever to support families in whatever way possible. That is why they established the FACT Emergency Fund. FACT recognizes that there has been substantial financial support provided by the federal government to states and localities to meet some of these needs, however those funds are restricted to specific issues like housing and food. The FACT Emergency Fund previously allowed established Trauma Informed Community Networks (TICNs) to apply for small financial awards to be distributed to families for the many financial crises that don’t qualify for government support.

These funds have been critical to our communities across Virginia. They go towards many of the unexpected expenses families who live paycheck to paycheck face, that have increased during this public health crisis. We know that having to choose between covering the cost of a car or critical home repair, or paying a fee and expenses so your child can participate in an afterschool activity, can place a significant level of stress on families who are already struggling to survive. These funds can help to increase the resiliency for some of these families in Virginia. In 2023, FACT expanded this project to include domestic violence and homelessness intervention programs.

For more information about the grant application and amount of funding available, please select from the following pages: