Skyward Fund Pilot Project

In partnership with the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), FACT of Virginia is piloting the Skyward Emergency Funds Project to help address the needs of DJJ involved youth and their families. This pilot project is an expansion of the FACT Emergency Funds Project which was established in 2020 to assist families and individuals who have experienced the trauma associated with family violence with financial assistance.

Sixty-five percent of all young people committed to DJJ’s care have at least one significant trauma in their lives. These funds are intended to help address short term needs not covered by other existing support. The Skyward Fund can provide a critical opportunity to support these youth and families in their journey forward by bridging financial gaps and increasing stability.

An example of how these funds can provide support includes a youth who obtained 24 hours of college credit while detained. When he transitioned out, he needed assistance with funding for school including purchasing books. The Skyward Fund could help bridge this gap to help him continue his schooling.

A budget of $10,000 was made available for for two awards of $5,000 to the Greater Richmond Trauma Informed Community Network (GRTICN) serving Henrico and Chesterfield Counties for the provision of direct financial support of up to $1,000 per family/household for youth and/or their families who are facing a financial emergency.

Eligibility Criteria:
• Funds must be spent within one year of the notice of award.
• Requests must be submitted by the TICN Lead Agency/Coordinator. However, any member non-profit or local government agency of the TICN may be the Project Administrator.
• This award is distributed on a reimbursement basis. As such, a TICN that is awarded funds under this project will be reimbursed up to $5,000 upon completion of a brief narrative report, invoice, and submission of receipts to FACT’s Executive Director. FACT’s Executive Director shall have sole authority to determine whether submitted expenses are reimbursable under this program

Programmatic Criteria:
• This project is intended to be community led. As such, GRTICN is required to have developed a coordinated referral and response protocol with the local Court Service Units for youth/and or families of youth to access this financial assistance. This process must include documentation of due diligence in maximizing existing resources (rental assistance, food pantries, etc.) prior to accessing this limited award.
• Funds may not be paid directly individuals or families but rather to vendors providing services or goods.
• This project is intended to provide direct, flexible, emergency, financial assistance for youth or families of youth involved in the DJJ system. It is intended to “fill in the gaps” of existing support, therefore, assistance provided to participating youth or families should be flexible in nature.

Application questions Please respond to the questions below. Applications questions, answers and attachment must be submitted via PDF sent electronically to Nicole Poulin, A response of award or denial will be provided within three business days from receipt.
1) Name of TICN:
2) Name of the TICN Lead Agency and point of contact name and email:
3) Name of Court Service Unit(s) youth and/or families will be referred for assistance from
4) Name of the participating nonprofit or local government TICN participating agency that will serve as the Project Administrator for the FACT Emergency Funding Project and point of contact name and email:
5) Does your TICN and CSU have in place a coordinated referral and response protocol within the scope and reach of this project for DJJ youth and/or their families to access this financial assistance? If so, please attach a copy.

We are seeking contributions to continue this work, please visit our donation page and put “Skyward Fund” in the Honor Of box.