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Ad Hoc Grants

FACT provides up to $2,000 in ad hoc financial support to organizations that host statewide activities that improve the prevention, treatment, or public awareness of family violence. View FACT’s small grant award policy below, or for a PDF version, click here.




Pursuant to Virginia Code § 2.2-4303 G and H, the Family and Children’s Trust Fund (FACT) hereby adopts the following small purchase procedures.

Funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis upon approval of an invoice submitted within 30 days of completion of the awarded project.

The following policy shall apply to grants awarded by FACT when the aggregate or the sum of all purchases of any contract or grant award is expected to exceed $5,000.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs):

  1. FACT shall issue RFPs that will allow it to administer and disburse any funds available to support, develop or enhance community efforts to prevent, treat or increase public awareness for family violence.
  1. As proposals are received, each will be forwarded to at least three board members to review and evaluate based on the criteria outlined in the RFP. Regional considerations in distribution to board members will be made when possible to avoid board members reviewing proposals submitted by stakeholders within their own community.
  1. If a board member who has been assigned proposals to review is unable to attend the board meeting in which the proposals are evaluated by the entire board, that board member is responsible for ensuring that the score sheets and comments that they prepared are presented during the meeting.
  1. Final review and award of the grants shall take place during a regularly scheduled or special board meeting.


The following policy shall apply to grants awarded by FACT pursuant to the exemption of the award of grants to non-profit organizations from small business set aside requirements per the Agency Purchasing and Surplus Property Manual (APSPM) 3.10.g and sub-reference 14.9.b.11.i. and pursuant to the exemption to competitive requirements for purchases of less than $5,000  per APSPM 5.3.a.

Ad Hoc Requests for funds not exceeding $2,000:

  1.  The board will only consider requests for activities that improve the prevention, treatment, or public awareness of family violence and have a statewide impact.
  2.  Requests must be submitted in writing to FACT’s Executive Director.
  3.  Requests must be submitted no later than the dates outlined below. If requests are received following each quarterly submission deadline, they will be considered at the next, regularly scheduled board meeting.
    – February 28th for consideration at the March Board meeting
    – May 31st for consideration at the June Board meeting
    – August 31st for consideration at the September Board meeting
    – November 30th for consideration at the December Board meeting
  4. Requests must be submitted for Board consideration at least two months in advance of the event taking place.
  5.  Requests must include an overview of the activity, the funding request amount, the specific activities that will be supported by FACT funds, the target audience, and the estimated number of people impacted.
  6.  Requests will be presented and voted on by the board at a regularly scheduled or special board meeting.
  7. Organizations submitting requests are eligible to receive no more than one ad hoc grant per fiscal year.
  8.  Materials associated with the event must include the official FACT logo.
  9.  A FACT Ad Hoc Summary Report must be completed and submitted within 30 days of the event.


Example Summary Report:

1. How many attended the event?
2. What professions were represented?
3. What topics were covered?
4. Please provide any evaluation measures collected.


October  17, 2017