How to support Virginia families when filing your state income tax

How to support Virginia families when filing your state income tax

February 21, 2018

This tax season, consider donating your state refund to the prevention and treatment of family violence and trauma in Virginia. Virginia law allows taxpayers to voluntarily donate all or part of their income tax refund to FACT as approved by the General Assembly. You can easily make your donation while filing your taxes.

How to donate

If you’re paper filing use the Virginia Schedule VAC form and under Other Voluntary Contributions, enter code 72 for the Family and Children’s Trust Fund and then enter the contribution amount.

If you’re electronically filing your tax filing platform will prompt you to enter your voluntary contributions when you get to the credits/deductions portion of your state tax interview.

You may also mannually donate your refund directly to FACT by donating online or sending a check to:

Family and Children’s Trust Fund
801 East Main Street, 15th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Why donate?

FACT is the only organization in Virginia devoted to treating and preventing family violence across the lifespan. This means we have a unique understanding of the complex issues and factors that affect family violence and thus can best distribute the funds to areas and issues that need it the most.

Additionally, the Virginia Department of Social Services supports FACT’s administrative costs. This means that 100% of every dollar you donate will go directly to programs that are working to prevent and treat family violence across the State. Therefore, every donation, however big or small, has a lasting impact on Virginia families.

If you’re getting a windfall from the IRS this tax season, consider investing in Virginia families!

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