Indicator Test

Using the Family Violence Indicator Local Data Tool, you can build custom, downloadable reports for indicators of family violence, including:

  • Line graphs showing trend data for selected localities;
  • Custom data tables sorted and color coded by rate;
  • Shaded maps for the year selected with the ability to view data geographically.

Step-by-step instructions are provided at: These visual instructions will explain some key features of this tool including the dropdown filters, sorting options, export options and how to maximize the utility of the map and line graph features.

Each individual indicator is accessible by clicking on a link below.

Issues have been reported when using Internet Explorer 10. If the tables do not load when using Explorer try an alternate browser. If that is not possible verify that Active Scripting, ActiveX and Java are not being blocked by Internet Explorer.

If you require additional assistance or have questions about accessing this information please email

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